Topics: Quote, Portfolio Update & Discussion, 2022Y Review, Tasks Ninja, My Current VC Investments, Book, and a new section for paid subscribers that includes a few more additional topics...
Yoga, Shorts, Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, Research, Semis, and other Tech plus other things to munch on...
Video Games, Lasers, Podcasts, Amazon, Microsoft, Nvidia, Banks, Problems, Taxes, Mistakes, Books, Disciplines, WEB, Net-Nets, Secret Sauces , and other…
E-commerce, debt, investing lessons, books, flying, renting, WWE, Apple, and other things to munch on...
In the past "Like Kind and Quality." Moving forward “Leadership. Know-how. Quality.”
Topics: Quote, Portfolio Update, Portfolio Discussion, Comments From Me & Major Announcement, Books Are Back, and Quick Shout Out.
Lots of Meta, some Mergers, Visa, Charts and Spotify, News, Lessons, Salesforce, Nintendo, BAM, Netflix, Pizza, and other things to munch on...
Celebrating TENTH Edition of BWM with A LOT of things to munch on!
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"From $100K to $1M" & More.